Welcome to Schiperski.

You are looking for a legal advice or want to know immediately whether you can enforce a claim? You have had a traffic accident and worry that the other party of the accident is telling totally different sequence of events than you? You wish to control the future of your assets and ask yourself whether your last will can be enforced? You have purchased shares as advised by your consultant and one month later they were was almost worthless? Your customers do not pay? Hold the contract of your life in your hands and still have headaches? You would like be represented in contract negotiations or would you like me rather to accompany you?

Welcome to my office. The questions posed by life are even much more complicated. Each of us, at some point, will have to make an important decision that determines his existence. I will assist you in answering all of your questions. I prefer precision work and fast results. You will see me as an unconventional lawyer who prefers the personal contact rather than to only correspond with the client.